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Subject: Re: [uoml-x-comment] Re: UOML Standard FAQ draft

I thought I'd spend a little time going through the FAQ, making some suggested
changes to the wording to clarify some of it a bit. I hope this is OK. Also note
I marked a place where I think there needs to be another question and answer to
explain what a 'docbase' is because the term 'docbase' is used throughout the
FAQ but is not explained (and it is an important and new term related to the use
of UOML).

I hope this helps

Apologies that I had to make these changes using Open Office to edit the .doc
file: I hope this doesn't cause problems with the formatting. I turned
on the recording
of changes I made so I think it might be best to see these changes and
accept those
which are acceptable using Open Office or Red Office.

Best regards


2009/3/21 allison shi <allison_shi@sursen.com>:
> Hi All,
> I had contacted OASIS about how to post FAQs to website. A ballot is no
> need, but  you all need to know it, and comment on it if you have opinion.
> Please review it carefully until March 27, next Friday. After that, I will
> send it to OASIS if there are nothing to change.
> Best rgds,
> Allison Shi
> co-Chair, OASIS UOML-X TC
> 2009/3/20 allison shi <allison_shi@sursen.com>
>> Hi All,
>> Since there are no comments and questions on the attached FAQ list, I will
>> assume that you all agree on it, I will send it to Mary for her to post it
>> under our TC's website.  Of course we can always add more information or
>> modify them.
>> Thanks.
>> Best rgds,
>> Allison Shi
>> co-Chair, UOML-X TC
>> 2009/3/18 allison shi <allison_shi@sursen.com>
>>> Hi All,
>>> Attached is a FAQ question and answer, please take a look at it, and send
>>> your questions and comments here. Thanks.
>>> Best rgds,
>>> Allison Shi
>>> co-Chair, UOML-X TC

Stephen D. Green

Document Engineering Services Ltd

http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=matthew+22:37 .. and voice

FAQ of UOML version3-sdgedits.doc

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