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Subject: UOML TC First Meeting Minutes: 6 February,2007

UOML TC First Meeting Minutes: 6 February,2007
Meeting Time 11:00EST
Duration 1.5hour
Convener Alex Wang

James Bryce Clark    OASIS
Peter Roden             OASIS
Green Stephen         SysML
Xu Guo                   Sursen
Andy Li                   ChangFeng Alliance
Mendy Liu               UOML Alliance
Charles Schulz           Ars Aperta
Alex Wang                 Sursen
Bo Yan                         Sursen
Pine Zhang UOML      Alliance
Lin Cheng UOML      Alliance

Alex Wang welcomed the attendees of the UOML TC, Bo Yan hosted the
meeting per Alex's request.

Members made self-introductions.

3.Review of OASIS TC process 
James described the contents of the TC Process document and reviewed the
qualifications for membership in a TC. He also pointed out that the TC'
s website is good platform for members to get information and
communicate each other. James indicated that the charter and all of its
parts need not be voted upon by the committee, since by joining the
committee the participants automatically agree to the charter. However,
modifications to the charter require discussion and vote

4. Vote for UOML TC Chair and Co-chair
Both Alex Wang and Bo Yan were approved by the TC members as the
co-chairs of the UOML TC.

5. Review and discussion of UOML TC Charter.
1). The members agreed that there was no need to clarify the charter
2). Stephen suggested to stick with the schedule and move quickly as the
tips to accomplish goals in charter
3). Sursen will submit some specification sample, structure of
specification and introduction of specification within two weeks; Any
UOML TC member are encouraged to review and revise them. After
confirmation of sample, Sursen will submit the whole work draft before
31 March.

6. Vote on standing rule for TC to allow votes to take place by email.
   Discussion of whether any other standing rules are needed for the TC
Motion: The TC should be able to conduct votes via e-mail. No other
standing rules were needed for the TC.

7.Request for volunteers to fill following roles:
Guo Xu accepted the role of editor for the committee
Pine  accepted the role of secretary 
Pine  accepted the role of webmaster
Charles was considered to be the best person to take the role of liaison
with Office TC and ODF Adoption TC by other UOML TC members

8. Discussion of future meeting schedule and announcement of UOML
Actions: The TC will take a Bi-weekly meeting. Due to the Chinese New
Year break, the next UOML TC Telephone conference will be postponed
until Feb 27. The face to face meeting is proposed to be hold by the
time of OASIS symposium 2007 in Spring or Fall. The schedule will be
finalized later.

9. IPR discussion
1). Alex and Bo explained the UOML TC IPR mode, which will be further
2). Bo explained the concept of patent pools, and all the TC members
agree to put their contributions and patents into the pool; Only the
Docbase providers whose software/applications have the UOML implemented
will be charged a fixed percentage of revenue for the royalty/patent
3). Jamie mentioned two issues, the license model needs to be
non-discriminative, and we need to prevent some members from prohibiting
users from adopting UOML by holding their own patents. 
4). Alex and Bo will contact James to discuss the IPR issues further.

10. Additional discussions
1). Bo raised the issue of recording the conference call just for the
purpose of preparing the meeting summary. We will disclose it before the
meeting starts if we will record it.
2). Peter introduced about the service to bring in non OASIS members to
the UOML TC if they show interest to join the TC. Peter will assist them
on the OASIS membership

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