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Subject: Re: Re: [uoml] uoml sample document

Greetings Alex, UOML TC,

We need to list the documents to be provided in the specification.

I expect we have a list like the following at the present time:

1. Draft W3C XML Schema files
2. Draft specification prose document (in open document, XHTML and pdf format)
3. Samples in both prose and XML formats

Besides item 2 we will need a collection of all of the diagrams as .jpg or

We might also need to produce a docbook version of item 2, provided we
have the skills. This will be an editable XML version of the prose
specification text from which the other file formats can be generated
(such as with XSLT, say). That way we would only need to concentraton  
editing one document. Maybe we wish to use Open Document for the  
editable version,
in which case may I suggest we use the .odt file format. Does Red Office
support this same file type as the one used in Open Office? It is possible
to create pdf and XHTML from this format but maybe we need help with this
from Mary to get the exact OASIS style right. Suggestions on how to do this
from an Open Office file or Red Office file would be welcome. Or does it
require docbook for the generation of the right OASIS style?

Then we need a folder structure to be decided if we are to zip the package
into one zip file for easy download.

We also need to agree for the schema files:

1. the namespace format
2. the filename format

Plus version and naming rules for the whole specification - for UOML itself.

For that we need to understand the latest OASIS namespace and file naming
rules which are not very restrictive so there is much that is just for
the TC to decide.

Do we have draft copies of the whole specification and the schema files?

Enough of me for now.

All the best

Stephen Green

Quoting Wang Donglin <dlwang@sursen.com>:

> Dear TC members,
> The most important topic of 2nd meeting is the discussion of UOML   
> Specification samples and UOML work draft TOC. We will write the   
> whole work draft according to it before March 31th. We need your   
> comment on whether the format and expression meets the requirement   
> of OASIS specification. Especially, I'd like hear from Charles,   
> Green and Lin Fong, since you are experienced OASIS contributors.
> -Alex
>> Hello,
>> I have converted those two documents into PDF format, which was   
>> edited by Guo Xu , please have a review in the attachment.
>> I am looking forward to your advice.
>> Regards
>> Pine
>>  ----- Original Message -----
>>  From: guoxu
>>  To: uoml@lists.oasis-open.org
>>  Sent: Wednesday, February 14, 2007 9:58 PM
>>  Subject: [uoml] [SPAM] uoml sample document
>>  hi, everyone. here's the uoml sample document.
>>  there are two documents in attachment. one is instroduction of the  
>>  draft, the other describes three samples and the structure of the   
>> draft.
>>  any comment or question is welcome.
>>  guoxu

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