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Subject: Re: [uoml] About the 2nd UOML TC meeting

Dear Pine,

thank you for this email and coping with my schedules.
As for the exact time, I'm unclear 11 am EST sounds good to me, but I
was wondering about the 1 am and 4 am. is that Beijing Time?


pine zhang a ¨¦crit :
> Hi members,
> The 2nd UOML TC meeting is supposed to be held this week, and we need
> to decide the specific date and time.
> Charles will join in the meeting after March 7th, if March 8th or 9th
> will be fine for others?
> And according to Stephen's suggestion, he could attend the meeting
> when it starts between 11:00 AM EST and 19:00 PM EST or between 01:00
> AM and 04:00 AM., and are these two terms is Ok for rest of you ?
> I am looking forward to your reply by email or phone .
> Regards
> Pine Zhang
> Tel:+86-10-82331166-2413
> Fax:+86-10-82332929
> Email:pine_zhang@sursen.com

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