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Subject: Interoperation between Open Office and MS Office by UOML

Dear TC members,
I'd glad to provide another interoperation mode. In this mode, We don't modify the previous content of a document, we can only write new content upon it, just like write on paper. This mode is useful because it is same as paper work. If we can work based on paper, we can work under this mode.
By UOML standard, we can easily run this mode. Thus, Open Office needn't open MS Office document directly, the MS Office document will be converted to layout-based document by UOML Writer, an UOML-supported Open Office can open this layout-based document and edit new content upon it. It is suitable for a goverment who installed Open Office but need receive MS Office document from outside.
Under this mode, we will take format compatible trouble off forever. It is very reliable, as reliable as PDF.
Red Office, a China Office suite based on Open Office, has already supported UOML. In additional, it also supports China UOF format standard.
I will attend OpenDocument workshop and show you this solution at that time. It's simple, effective and reliable.


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