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Subject: =?utf-8?B?T0FTSVMgVU9NTCBUQyAzcmQgTWVldGluZyBNaW51dGVzLS0tQXByaWwgMTB0aCAyMDA3?=

UOML TC 3rd Meeting Minutes: April 10th 2007

Meeting Time 3:00 EST
Duration: 1 hour
Moderator: Alex Wang & Bo Yan

Green Stephen              SysML
Chaoyang Tao               Sursen
Mendy Liu                  UOML Alliance
Charles Schulz             Ars Aperta
Alex Wang                Sursen
Bo Yan                   Sursen
Liwei Wang               Sursen
Pine Zhang UOML         Alliance

1. Welcome
Alex Wang welcomed the attendees of the UOML TC, Bo Yan hosted the
meeting per Alex's request.

2. Introductions
Members made self-introductions.

3. Acceptance of Minutes of the March 9th meeting
The attending TC members unanimously accepted the minutes

4. Discussion of UOML format of work draft:
All TC members have no additional comments on the format of the work draft. 

5. The TC discussed the UOML specification, and reached consensus about the following: 

• The normative UOML specification should give samples for UOML instructions, to explain how to use those instruction, while samples should be separated from the specification.

6. The TC members discussed whether the Security Control module should be included in the first UOML Specification draft.

• Alex: As UOML is designed to be composed of page descriptions, security control, document query, docbase operation, layer management, and the page description is the kernel of UOML, for which TC members are setting currently. Thus, other parts will be enclosed into the following versions such as Security control, document query and so on. 
   Stephen: if the security control model is added into the second version of UOML, how could the second version make compatible with the first kernel version?
The TC came to a conclusion:  Take the Security Control model out of the first version of Specification, and the “default roles” should be defined in it, for the sake of compatibility.
7. Demo of interoperation operation, UOML reader, and UOML writer will be uploaded onto the OASIS website, to increase the understanding the relationship between UOML and Open office.   

Best Regards

Pine Zhang
UOML Alliance
Tel: +86 10 82331166-2413

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