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Subject: Re: [uoml] OASIS UOML TC 3rd Meeting Minutes---April 10th 2007

Greetings Pine,

A very minor correction here (and to other minutes)

the spelling of my company should be SystML with a 't'
(there's another effort called SysML without the 't'
which is something else - I don't want to cause confusion)

All the best

Stephen Green

SystML, http://www.systml.co.uk
Tel: +44 (0) 117 9541606

http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=matthew+22:37 .. and voice

Quoting Pine Zhang <pine_zhang@sursen.com>:

> UOML TC 3rd Meeting Minutes: April 10th 2007
> Meeting Time 3:00 EST
> Duration? 1 hour
> Moderator: Alex Wang & Bo Yan
> Roll-call
> Green Stephen              SysML
> Chaoyang Tao               Sursen
> Mendy Liu                  UOML Alliance
> Charles Schulz             Ars Aperta
> Alex Wang                Sursen
> Bo Yan                   Sursen
> Liwei Wang               Sursen
> Pine Zhang UOML         Alliance
> 1. Welcome
> Alex Wang welcomed the attendees of the UOML TC, Bo Yan hosted the
> meeting per Alex's request.
> 2. Introductions
> Members made self-introductions.
> 3. Acceptance of Minutes of the March 9th meeting
> The attending TC members unanimously accepted the minutes
> 4. Discussion of UOML format of work draft:
> All TC members have no additional comments on the format of the work draft.
> 5. The TC discussed the UOML specification, and reached consensus   
> about the following:
> ? The normative UOML specification should give samples for UOML   
> instructions, to explain how to use those instruction, while samples  
>  should be separated from the specification.
> 6. The TC members discussed whether the Security Control module   
> should be included in the first UOML Specification draft.
> ? Alex: As UOML is designed to be composed of page descriptions,   
> security control, document query, docbase operation, layer   
> management, and the page description is the kernel of UOML, for   
> which TC members are setting currently. Thus, other parts will be   
> enclosed into the following versions such as Security control,   
> document query and so on.
>    Stephen: if the security control model is added into the second   
> version of UOML, how could the second version make compatible with   
> the first kernel version?
> The TC came to a conclusion:  Take the Security Control model out of  
>  the first version of Specification, and the ?default roles? should   
> be defined in it, for the sake of compatibility.
> 7. Demo of interoperation operation, UOML reader, and UOML writer   
> will be uploaded onto the OASIS website, to increase the   
> understanding the relationship between UOML and Open office.
> Best Regards
> Pine Zhang
> UOML Alliance
> Tel: +86 10 82331166-2413

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