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Subject: Feedback: TAB-555 Bad sub-sectioning

Hi Partick,

I disagree with this one:

	In order to have a subsection, it is necessary to have at least
	two subsections. Thus: 1. Title 1.1 sub-title 1.2 sub-title is
	correct, but, 1. Title 1.1 sub-title 2. Title is incorrect. Just
	listing the incorrect sub-sections: 2.2.1,,,
	3.1.1,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and 6.1

A sole subsection without any contents in the section itself is almost
certainly a mistake, but the general form of:


 words words word...
 lots of words.


    more more words

Seems reasonable.  In fact, it's hard for me to see how to fix "
Indirect Descriptors" without creating a fake subsection called "
Normal Descriptors".

And if we were to fix these, we would no longer have the bright line
which separates Legacy Interface sections.  This was initially going to
be an entirely separate document, but consensus was that this compromise
of separate sections was clearer.


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