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Subject: Changelog for upcoming draft 02

Hi all!

        On Tuesday the committee approved the second working draft for
public review: there'll be a formal announcement once that comes out.

But meanwhile, here's a summary of changes.  We had a great deal of
feedback (thanks!), and you can see the subversion repository and JIRA
bug tracking detail individual changes.


2.3 Configuration Space:
        - Explicitly allow config space read before feature negotiation (r207)

4.2 Virtio Over MMIO:
        - Configuration space offset corrected (r177)
        - QueueReady register moved (r194)

5.1 Network Device:
        - num_buffers field now compulsory in non-legacy (r326)


        - The unexplained "ring" references are renamed "virtq" (r327)
        - Correction of informal use of MUST/SHOULD/MAY etc
        - Minor clarifications of requirements throughout
        - Separation of normative requirements into specific sections
        - Field/register names are all italicised for clarity
        - References and their URLs fixed
        - Many TeX and other formatting improvements
        - Many typo and thinko fixes.

2.4 Virtqueues:
        - Fix VIRTIO_RING_F_INDIRECT_DESC when referring to EVENT_IDX (r235)
        - Define "device-readable" and "device-writable" for clarity (r237)

4.1 Virtio Over PCI Bus:
        - Legacy layout table corrected (r198)
        - Largely rewritten and reordered (r232-r234, r239-r241, r255)
        - Non-transitional devices revision ID now SHOULD not MUST (r301)

4.2 Virtio Over MMIO:
        - Notification register name fixed (r179)
        - Device tree example fixed (r283)

4.3 Virtio Over Channel I/O:
        - struct virtio_feature_desc features field endianness corrected (r173)
        - Explicit endian used in struct virtio_rev_info (r193)
        - Fix requirements for processing adapter interrupts (r281)

5 Device Types:
        - GPU device id 16 reserved (r244)
        - Timer/block device id 17 reserved (r280)

5.1 Network Device:
        - Added multiqueue support from old draft (r166)
        - Added VIRTIO_NET_F_MAC_ADDR from old draft (r177)
        - Automatic steering is SHOULD not MUST (r324)
        - Receive buffers must be larger than header, not >= (r324)

5.2 Block Device:
        - Fix description of legacy status field (r204)
        - VIRTIO_BLK_T_FLUSH_OUT deprecated (r325)

5.3 Console Device:
        - VIRTIO_CONSOLE_F_EMERG_WRITE from old draft (r197)

5.5 Memory Balloon Device
        - Deprecated, and ID 13 reserved for new one (r279)

8 Creating New Device Types:
        - Moved to Appendix, as it is non-normative (r259)

9 Conformance
        - A proper conformance clause with references (r278)
        - Transitional devices & drivers are now normative (r288-r300)


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