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virtio-comment message

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Subject: Re: [members] 15-day Public Review for Virtual I/O Device (#VIRTIO) V1.0 - ends July 28th

Hello, Chet,
Policy guidelines state:

	The approval of a Committee Specification shall require a Special
	Majority Vote. The TC Chair shall notify the TC Administrator that the
	TC has resolved to request a Special Majority Vote for the advancement
	of the draft as a Committee Specification and provide to the TC
	Administrator the URI for the meeting minutes which record the TC's
	resolution, including the location of the editable versions of the files
	and any other ballot details (for example, Designated Cross-Reference
	Change motions).

There are some comments and non material changes since the last drafts,
so we would like to do the special majority vote soon, but several members
of the TC can't participate in phone meetings in the near term.  Is it
possible to execute this vote by an online ballot instead
of a meeting?



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