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virtio-comment message

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Subject: Comment log for VIRTIO V1.0 CSPRD05

This lists all comments to CSPRD05 that we received, and their
resolution.  We didn't use jira to track them, so I am sending this to
mailing list for archival purposes instead.

comment 1:


    virtio-net: fix inconsistent legacy header size

    Current text says:
        The legacy driver only presented num_buffers in the struct
        virtio_net_hdr when VIRTIO_NET_F_MRG_RXBUF was not negotiated;

    Should be:
        "... was negotiated ..." instead of "... was not negotiated ..."

    To be consistent with the following:
        without that feature the structure was 2 bytes shorter.

    Reported-by: Thomas Huth <thuth@redhat.com>

svn 554

comment 2:
by  Kevin Lo <kevlo@kevlo.org>


init: sort status bits

Status bit order is inconsistent: they are
neither in increasing order nor in the order
they are likely to be used.
The second approach seems more useful
since there aren’t that many bits, so the nu-
merical order does not help much.
A typical order of use would be:
• then either FAILED or FEATURES_OK
• then either FAILED or DRIVER_OK
• then DEVICE_NEEDS_RESET (if de-
vice detects an error)
Sort the bits accordingly.

svn 559

rename virtio_ring.h to virtio_queue.h

Since vring* and VRING* have been re-
placed with virtq* and VIRTQ* respectively,
rename the header virtio_ring.h to virtio_-

svn 558

An additional defect was noticed and fixed by myself (not in response to

virtio header: tweak change motivation

The changes are not just to remove Linux
assumptions, we have also renamed
Tweak the header description accordingly.

svn 555


all these changes were voted on as part of the ballot
for starting the special majority vote.

Here's a PDF file with just these changes highlighted:


Note: besides the logged changes above, I updated list of chairs (since
Rusty left), and added acknowledgement for Kevin Lo and updated the
affiliation for Thomas Huth.  Such technical changes are ok to do after


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