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Subject: WinRE (Windows Bare Metal Recovery) and Veeam


Anyone ever get the Windows WinRE or the Veeam Bare Metal recovery disk to properly load the virtio drivers and see the KVM virtio interfaces inside a guest.

That is, I have used DISM to integrate the virtio drivers for the network and disk in it after extracting it from the Windows disk or from the veeam disk.
Dism completes the install without error, and shows the driver there but when I boot the virtual machine from the WinRE / Veeam disk it does not see any interfaces, booting the same VM from the Ubuntu disk sees the virtio interfaces.

I also have tried using drvload to load them on the virtual machine after booting from the WinRE/Veeam disk and it errors out with a missing ID error "ERROR_NO_DEVICE_ID.

Anyone able to help?


Steven Anderson

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