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Subject: Re: [virtio-comment] [PATCH V2] virtio-gpio: add the device specification

On 07.06.21 07:45, Viresh Kumar wrote:
On 04-06-21, 14:25, Enrico Weigelt, metux IT consult wrote:
On 04.06.21 10:09, Viresh Kumar wrote:
+The \field{VIRTIO_GPIO_REQ_GET_DIRECTION} request is initiated by the guest to

Instead of "guest" we should call it "device", since virtio is also
meant for real hardware devices.

Did you mean to say "driver" instead of "device" here ? The
Virtio-device is the virtual hardware entity which is presented to the
guest OS by the host OS. And the software talking to this device at
the guest is called as the "driver".

Sorry, now I've mixed it up, too :o

The "host" in VM-terms is called "device" here (while the VM host
emulates the device), since the idea of virtio is it allows devices
also being implemented as real hardware (*1). Note that virtio is
actually a stack of multiple layers, eg. virtio device protocols is
separate from the underlying transport (eg. pcie, mmapped, ... *2).

I have replaced "host" with "device" and "guest" with "driver" at as
many places as possible. Thanks.

Yes, that seems correct. If we'd be looking from a pure hardware / bus
perspective, we might even call it "host" instead of "driver", but that
probably would totally confuse people looking from the VM


*1) If it was meant exclusively for VMs only, there had been lots of
    other ways to do that, which might even be more efficient in certain
    use cases.
*2) I'm actually planning some Linux-internal socket- or device-node
    based transport in order to allow separate userland servers for
    virtio-based devices, eg. for getting virgl running with containers.

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