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Subject: Re: [virtio-comment] [PATCH 1/1] live_migration: initial support for migrating virtio devices

On 7/7/2021 5:09 PM, Michael S. Tsirkin wrote:
On Wed, Jul 07, 2021 at 03:51:25PM +0300, Max Gurtovoy wrote:
+This document will describe the needed updates to the virtio
specification for adding live migration support for various
devices. Live migration is one of the most important features of
virtualization and virtio devices are oftenly found in virtual
environments so setting a standard mechanism for this feature will
allow virtio providers to develop compliant devices that will use
standard drivers for that matter.
Is this supposed to happen on the device side? Do drivers need to get
involved, or is it transparent to them?
Guest drivers should be involved.
Hmm that's a big drawback of this design then.

sorry it was a typo :)

Guest drivers *shouldn't* be involved.

of course.

If nothing else, it should be possible to get state from device and
replace it with an emulated software implementation
for duration of migration, transparently to guest drivers.

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