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Subject: RE: RE: [RFC] virtio-net: support access and control the member devices

> From: Xuan Zhuo <xuanzhuo@linux.alibaba.com>
> Sent: Thursday, August 3, 2023 4:34 PM

> > One command that gives device context information in TLV (type length
> value) format.
> > One of field of the device context is device config space.
> > Device will return the information depending what device it is,
> net/blk/console each returns different info.
> Ok, I got.
> That is ok for me about the device context information.
> But how about the configuration of the mac? By admin queue?
In cloud env, we find them that increasingly users want to avoid such config from the compute side (PF).
But some users may find it useful from the PF admin command as well.
Dual thoughts.

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