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Subject: [PATCH requirements v4 0/7] virtio net requirements for 1.4

Hi All,

This document captures the virtio net device requirements for the upcoming
release 1.4 that some of us are currently working on.

This is live document to be updated in coming time and work towards it for
its design which can result in a draft specification.

The objectives are:
1. to consider these requirements in introducing new features
listed in the document and otherwise and work towards the interface 
design followed by drafting the specification changes.

2. Define practical list of requirements that can be achieved in 1.4
timeframe incrementally and also have the ability to implement them.

Please review mainly patch 5 at the priority.

Receive flow filters is the first item apart from counters to complete
in this iteration to start drafting the design spec.
Rest of the requirements are largly untouched other than Stefan's

1. Some more refinement needed for rx low latency and header data split

This week update is late as I was unwell for several days, but managed
to cover all comments from Heng, David, Satananda.
We must close flow filters requirements this week to take to spec
drafting design phase.

- receive flow filters requirements undergo major updates to take to
  spec draft level.
- Addressed comments from Xuan, Heng, David, Satananda.
- Refined wordings in rest of the requirements
- addressed comments from Stefan for tx low latency and notification
- redrafted the requirements to use rearm term and avoid queue enable
  confusion for notification
- addressed all comments and refined receive flow filters requirements to
  take to design level
- major update of receive flow filter requirements updated based on last
  two design discussions in community and offline research
- examples added
- link to use case and design goal added
- control and operation side requirements split
- more verbose
- addressed comments from Heng Li
- addressed few (not all) comments from Michael
- per patch changelog 

Parav Pandit (7):
  net-features: Add requirements document for release 1.4
  net-features: Add low latency transmit queue requirements
  net-features: Add low latency receive queue requirements
  net-features: Add notification coalescing requirements
  net-features: Add n-tuple receive flow filters requirements
  net-features: Add packet timestamp requirements
  net-features: Add header data split requirements

 net-workstream/features-1.4.md | 375 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 1 file changed, 375 insertions(+)
 create mode 100644 net-workstream/features-1.4.md


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