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Subject: RE: [EXT] [PATCH v1 2/7] virtio-net: Add flow filter capabilities read commands

Hi Satananda,

> From: Satananda Burla <sburla@marvell.com>
> Sent: Tuesday, October 17, 2023 2:42 AM

> > I am sorry, I noticed now that I missed this comment in v0.
> > For VLAN, we need to add a new filter as FF_ETH_VLAN, that has
> > implicit type of 0x8100, and match field, mask to have the value.
> > Shall we can do incrementally as new type?
> Yes but it is better to at least add the enum for the type now or leave enough
> spacing between L2 and L3 types so that we don't have to add those types later
> out of order. For instance, in encoding the type field, we could leave first 4
> bits(16 values) for L2 FF types and start start L3 FF types from 0x10 and so on. I
> can foresee similar issues with
> L2 MPLS label matching, IPV4 extension headers, IPV6 extension headers etc.

Sorry for the delayed reply.

Yes, I took care of it now in v2. Instead of 16, I kept more room as there are far more ether types to take care than 16.
Just posted v2.

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