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Subject: Re: [virtio-comment] can we do better than text?

>     > Several TCs are using DocBook XML to author their specs if you want to
>     look at
>     > that approach. And the CMIS TC used Tex to publish their specification
>     (see 
>     > http://docs.oasis-open.org/cmis/CMIS/v1.1/CMIS-v1.1.html). 
>     >
>     > /chet

OK the problem was really section numbers and footnotes
and cross-references to them.

So I've written a perl script to fix them up.
perl fix-numbers.pl < old > new

The script recognizes number followed by dot as
a section number, and number in square brackets
as a footnote number.

It also requires that section headings
are followed by -------- or =========.
It fixes up numbers to be consequitive,
and updates all references it can find.

Thus, to add a new section, add it with
correct depth but arbitrary unique numbers.
then run script to give it a sane number.

Same for a new footnote.

There could be false-positives, but one can
work around them by teaking input format,
or just do git add -p and not commit them.

Using this script, I've updated the spec to numbers are now
in order.



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