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Subject: [PATCH 2/4] PCI: explicitly document ISR status field

Feedback on ISR status register:
	It would be helpful if this section provided the meaning of each
	bit in the register.

ISR use is scattered all around the place.
Add a section describing the format and semantics.

Cc: Arun Subbarao <asubbarao@lnxw.com>
Signed-off-by: Michael S. Tsirkin <mst@redhat.com>
 content.tex | 25 +++++++++++++++++++++++++
 1 file changed, 25 insertions(+)

diff --git a/content.tex b/content.tex
index e70473e..199fb1e 100644
--- a/content.tex
+++ b/content.tex
@@ -1115,6 +1115,31 @@ For all queues, the value cap.length presented by the device MUST satisty:
 The device MUST present at least one VIRTIO_PCI_CAP_ISR_CFG capability.  This
 refers to at least a single byte, which contains the 8-bit ISR status field.
+\subsection{ISR status field}\label{sec:Virtio Transport Options / Virtio Over PCI Bus / PCI Device Layout / ISR status field}
+ISR status field is used for INT#x interrupt handling.
+Driver MUST NOT access ISR field when MSI-X capability
+is enabled.
+\begin{tabular}{ |l||l|l| }
+Bits       & 0                               & 1               &  2 to 31 \\
+Purpose    & Device Configuration Interrupt  & Queue Interrupt & Reserved \\
+If MSI-X capability is disabled, device MUST set Interrupt Status
+bit in the PCI Status register in the PCI Configuration Header of
+the device to the logical OR of all bits in ISR status field of
+the device.  Device then asserts/deasserts INT#x interrupts unless masked
+according to standard PCI rules \hyperref[intro:PCI]{[PCI]}.
+Device MUST reset the ISR status field to 0 on read.
+In this way, driver read of ISR status causes the device to de-assert
+an interrupt.
 \subsubsection{Device specific structure}\label{sec:Virtio Transport Options / Virtio Over PCI Bus / PCI Device Layout / Device specific structure}
 The device MAY present at least one VIRTIO_PCI_CAP_DEVICE_CFG capability (some

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