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Subject: Re: [PATCH qemu 5/6] virtio-input: control device


> > What I was thinking about is sending feedback about volume changes to
> > the guest is something completely different, let me explain in detail:
> > 
> > What we have in spice today is that the guests volume change request is
> > passed to the spice client, which in turn forwards it to pulseaudio,
> > which then actually applies the volume setting to the audio stream.  And
> > you can see the guests volume changes in the hosts mixer UI (sound
> > settings -> applications):  change the volume in the guest and watch the
> > slider move.
> > 
> > Today this is a one-way ticket.  If you fiddle with the volume in the
> > hosts mixer ui the guest doesn't notice.  A emulated volume wheel would
> > be a possible way to feedback volume changes on the host to the guest.
> > Note that it isn't that simple to implement as it need a spice protocol
> > extension too (and support in spice server + client of course).

> Or forward volume keys to guest through the virtio keyboard - then we
> don't need to emulate a volume wheel.

Isn't going to fly.  Using volume up/down keys we can't says "volume is
at 42% now" to the guest.


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