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Subject: virtio 1 spec plans

Hi all!
I have just started ballots on several issues which already
have proposals on list. The changes are minor and I think
that they might fit under the non-material change rule.
We thus will be able to release virtio 1.0 cs03
which is to be a bugfix-only release for the spec,
without going through an extra public review period.

Meanwhile, we already have some proposals adding bigger
changes: VIRTIO-123, VIRTIO-117, VIRTIO-134
Jason also working on interrupt coalescing, and
I started looking at the balloon device,
and might post a proposal for that.

All these don't seem to be non-material (VIRTIO-134
seems borderline - Rusty, do you think this is a non-material
change?), so I think that, after we finalize cs03, we need
to start public review for virtio 1.1 cs01
to be a feature release of the spec,
including these changes and possibly others as they
become available.



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