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Subject: Re: [PATCH 1/1] Add virtio-input driver.


> > At least, this needs a comment explaining what the function does,
> > and maybe wrap it in a helper like virtio_input_bitmap_copy or
> > virtio_bitmap_or.
> Can do that, sure.

Well, the function where this is in already cares about the bitmap copy
only.  Can add a comment though.

> > You are doing leXXX everywhere, that's VERSION_1 dependency.
> > virtio_cread will do byteswaps differently without VERSION_1.
> > Just don't go there.
> Changed that for v2, for the config space structs.  They have normal u32
> in there now.  virtio_cread() wants it this way.

I liked the __le32 in the config space structs more though, so I've
waded through the virtio_config.h header file.

To me it looks like we need separate virtio_cread() versions for
non-transitional drivers, which do __le32 -> u32 translation instead of
__virtio32 -> u32 translation, so I can have __le32 types in the config
space structs.

Or I could use vdev->config->get() directly instead of virtio_cread, but
I'll loose sparse checking that way.

Hmm.  Recommendations?  Better ideas?


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