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virtio-dev message

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Subject: Re: [PATCH 1/1] Add virtio-input driver.


> > > > You are doing leXXX everywhere, that's VERSION_1 dependency.
> > > > virtio_cread will do byteswaps differently without VERSION_1.
> > > > Just don't go there.

> So to clarify, you dislike using __virtio32 in virtio input header?

Well, as I understand things __virtio32 implies byteorder depends on
whenever we are using VERSION_1 or not.  And non-transitional drivers
should not need it as everything is by definition little endian.

So, yes, your suggestion to just require VERSION_1 in the driver implies
in my eyes that there should be no reason to use __virtio32 instead of

Or do I miss something here?


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