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Subject: [PATCH v11 0/2] virtio-crypto: virtio crypto device specification

This is the specification about a new virtio crypto device.

You can get the source code from the below website:

[PATCH v3 00/10] virtio-crypto: introduce framework and device emulation

[PATCH v4 00/13] virtio-crypto: introduce framework and device emulation

Please help to review, thanks.

CC: Michael S. Tsirkin <mst@redhat.com>
CC: Cornelia Huck <cornelia.huck@de.ibm.com>
CC: Stefan Hajnoczi <stefanha@redhat.com>
CC: Lingli Deng <denglingli@chinamobile.com>
CC: Jani Kokkonen <Jani.Kokkonen@huawei.com>
CC: Ola Liljedahl <Ola.Liljedahl@arm.com>
CC: Varun Sethi <Varun.Sethi@freescale.com>
CC: Zeng Xin <xin.zeng@intel.com>
CC: Keating Brian <brian.a.keating@intel.com>
CC: Ma Liang J <liang.j.ma@intel.com>
CC: Griffin John <john.griffin@intel.com>
CC: Hanweidong <hanweidong@huawei.com>
CC: Mihai Claudiu Caraman <mike.caraman@nxp.com>

Changes since v10:
 - fix typos s/filed/field/. [Xin]
 - replace 'real cypto accelerator' with 'backend crypto accelerator'. [mst]
 - drop KDF, ASYM, PRIMITIVE services description temporarily. [mst]
 - write a device requirement are testable about VIRTIO_CRYPTO_S_HW_READY. [mst]
 - add a space before * in one code comment. [mst]
 - reset the layout of all crypto operations for better asymmetric algos support. [Xin]
 - add more detailed description for initialization vector under different modes.
 - sed -i 's/VIRTIO_CRYPTO_OP_/VIRTIO_CRYPTO_/g' for general usage in asym algos. [Xin]

Changes since v9:
 - request a native speaker go over the text and fix corresponding grammar issues. [mst]
 - make some description more appropriated over here and there. [mst]
 - rewrite some requirement for both device and driver. [mst]
 - use RFC 2119 keywords. [mst]
 - fix some complaints by Xelatex and typoes. [Xin Zeng]
 - add scatter/getter chain support for possible large block data.

Thanks for your review, Michael and Xin.

Changes from v8:
 - add additional auth gpa and length to struct virtio_crypto_sym_data_req;
 - add definition of op in struct virtio_crypto_cipher_session_para,
 - make all structures 64bit aligned in order to support different
  architectures more conveniently [Alex & Stefan]
 - change to devicenormative{\subsection} and \drivernormative{\subsection} in some sections [Stefan]
 - driver does not have to initialize all data virtqueues if it wants to use fewer [Stefan]
 - drop VIRTIO_CRYPTO_NO_SERVICE definition [Stefan]
 - many grammatical problems and typos. [Stefan]
 - drop queue_id property of struct virtio_crypto_op_data_req.
 - reconstruct some structures about session operation request.
 - introduce struct virtio_crypto_alg_chain_session_req and struct virtio_crypto_alg_chain_data_req,
  introduce chain para, output, input structures as well.
 - change some sections' layout for better compatibility, for asymmetric algos. [Xin Zeng]

Changes from v7:
 - fix some grammar or typo problems.
 - add more detailed description at steps of encryption section.

Changes from v6:
 - drop verion filed in struct virtio_crypto_config. [Michael & Cornelia]
 - change the incorrect description in initialization routine. [Zeng Xin]
 - redefine flag u16 to make structure alignment. [Zeng Xin]
 - move the content of virtio_crypto_hash_session_para into
   virtio_crypto_hash_session_input directly, Same to MAC/SYM/AEAD session creation. [Zeng Xin]
 - adjuest the sequence of idata and odata refer to the virtio scsi parts,
   meanwhile add the comments of device-readable/writable for them.
 - add restrictive documents for the guest memory in some structure, which
   MUST be gauranted to be allocated and physically-contiguous.

Changes from v5:
 - add conformance clauses for virtio crypto device. [Michael]
 - drop VIRTIO_CRYPTO_S_STARTED. [Michael]
 - fix some characters problems. [Stefan]
 - add a MAC algorithm, named VIRTIO_CRYPTO_MAC_ZUC_EIA3. [Zeng Xin]
 - add the fourth return code, named VIRTIO_CRYPTO_OP_INVSESS used
   for invalid session id when executing crypto operations.
 - drop some gpu stuff forgot to delete. [Michael]
 - convert tab to space all over the content.

Changes from v4:
 - introduce crypto services into virtio crypto device. The services
   currently defined are CIPHER, MAC, HASH, AEAD, KDF, ASYM, PRIMITIVE.
 - define a unified crypto request format that is consisted of
   general header + service specific request,  Where 'general header' is for all
   crypto request,  'service specific request' is composed of
   operation parameter + input data + output data in generally.
   operation parameter is algorithm-specific parameters,
   input data is the data should be operated ,
   output data is the "operation result + result buffer".
 - redefine the algorithms and structure based on above crypto services.
 - rearrange the title and subtitle
 - Only support CIPHER, MAC, HASH and AEAD crypto services, and Xin will
   focus KDF, ASYM and PRIMITIVE services.
 - Some other corresponding fixes.
 - Make a formal patch using tex type.

This version is a big reconstruction based on Zeng, Xin' comments, thanks a lot.

Changes from v3:
 - Don't use enum is the spec but macros in specific structures. [Michael & Stefan]
 - Add two complete structures for session creation and closing, so that
  the spec is clear on how to lay out the request.  [Stefan]
 - Definite the crypto operation request with assigned structure, in this way,
  each data request only occupies *one entry* of the Vring descriptor table,
  which *improves* the *throughput* of data transferring.

Changes from v2:
 - Reserve virtio device ID 20 for crypto device. [Cornelia]
 - Drop all feature bits, those capabilities are offered by the device all the time.  [Stefan & Cornelia]
 - Add a new section 1.4.2 for driver requirements. [Stefan]
 - Use definite type definition instead of enum type in some structure. [Stefan]
 - Add virtio_crypto_cipher_alg definition. [Stefan]
 - Add a "Device requirements" section as using MUST. [Stefan]
 - Some grammar nits fixes and typo fixes. [Stefan & Cornelia]
 - Add one VIRTIO_CRYPTO_S_STARTED status for the driver as the flag of virtio-crypto device started and can work now.

Great thanks for Stefan and Cornelia!

Changes from v1:
 - Drop the feature bit definition for each algorithm, and using config space instead  [Cornelia]
 - Add multiqueue support and add corresponding feature bit
 - Update Encryption process and header definition
 - Add session operation process and add corresponding header description
 - Other better description in order to fit for virtio spec  [Michael]
 - Some other trivial fixes.

Gonglei (2):
  virtio-crypto: Add virtio crypto device specification
  virtio-crypto: Add conformance clauses

 conformance.tex   |   32 ++
 content.tex       |    2 +
 virtio-crypto.tex | 1034 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 3 files changed, 1068 insertions(+)
 create mode 100644 virtio-crypto.tex


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