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Subject: Jira usage guidelines

In order to make it easier to generate the changelog for draft3 and on,
please make sure to fill in the following fields when you
work on an issue:


When you open an issue (can be fixed afterwards as well):

1. Fill in the reporter in the Environment: field.
2. Shortly describe the issue in the description field
   Preferably add a URL to discussion here or
   in the comments.
   If the mail was copied to virtio-comment or virtio-dev, you can use
   to quickly locate a mail in the archives.
2. Preferably, fill in all affected versions: in
   "Affects Version/s:".
   This might not apply to e.g. improvement requests.


When you propose the issue before the TC meeting:

1. Mark issue as Open
2. Fill in a summary of the final proposed change and
   link to full proposal in "Proposal"
   [any historical abandoned proposals and extra info can go
    into comments field]

When you close the issue:

0. Please make sure "Proposal",  "Description" and "Environment"
   are set correctly
1. Mark issue as Resolved, not merely closed
   Resolution could be: Fixed or Deferred
2. Fill in approval date and svn revision
   in "Resolution" field.
3. Fill in "Fix Version/s:" to the draft which will
   include the fix. At the moment, this is draft03.

Thanks a lot!


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