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Subject: Re: [PATCH v8 1/1] crypto: add virtio-crypto driver

On 12/15/2016 03:03 AM, Gonglei wrote:
> +
> +static struct crypto_alg virtio_crypto_algs[] = { {
> +	.cra_name = "cbc(aes)",
> +	.cra_driver_name = "virtio_crypto_aes_cbc",
> +	.cra_priority = 501,

This is still higher than the hardware-accelerators (like intel aesni or the
s390 cpacf functions or the arm hw). aesni and s390/cpacf are supported by the
hardware virtualization and available to the guests. I do not see a way how virtio
crypto can be faster than that (in the end it might be cpacf/aesni + overhead)
instead it will very likely be slower.
So we should use a number that is higher than software implementations but
lower than the hw ones.

Just grepping around, the software ones seem be be around 100 and the hardware 
ones around 200-400. So why was 150 not enough?


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