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Subject: Re: virtio: Subtle changes to virtio_net flags breaks VXLAN on Google Cloud

On Tue, Jan 17, 2017 at 04:20:49PM +0000, Rolf Neugebauer wrote:
> Commits:
> fd2a0437dc33 virtio_net: introduce virtio_net_hdr_{from,to}_skb
> e858fae2b0b8 virtio_net: use common code for virtio_net_hdr and skb
> GSO conversion
> introduced a subtle (but unexplained) difference in how virtio_net
> flags are derived from skb->ip_summed fields on transmit from the
> guest to the host/backend. Prior to the patches the flags would be set
> otherwise the flags would be set to 0.
> After the commits, virtio_net flags would still be set to
> now sets the virtio_net flags to VIRTIO_NET_HDR_F_DATA_VALID if
> ip_summed == CHECKSUM_UNNECESSARY. Otherwise the virtio_net flags are set to 0.
> skbuff.h says that for transmitting CHECKSUM_NONE and
> CHECKSUM_UNNECESSARY have the same meaning, yet the above changes
> treat them different.
> Version 1.0 of the virtio spec [1] says in Section Driver
> Requirements: Packet Transmission: "The driver MUST NOT set the
> VIRTIO_NET_HDR_F_DATA_VALID bit in flags." The above changes clearly
> do that, but maybe I'm mis-reading the spec here.
> The changes break VXLAN in some setups (we discovered it on Google
> Could Engine, see below). We are trying to establish if this is an
> issue with the GCE backend implementation, or if the above commit
> should be amended to revert to the old behaviour (set
> set flags to 0).
> Reverting back to the old behaviour (see strawman patch below) fixes
> the issue we were seeing. While we tested with a 4.9.3 kernel, the
> code in question has not been changed since.
> Thanks
> Rolf
> Background:
> On Google cloud, we have a setup with a manager node using a 4.9.3
> kernel, two worker nodes (one with a 4.9.3 and the other with a 4.4.41
> based kernel). Requests from a client node to the manager node are
> either handled by the manager node or one of the two worker nodes. If
> requests are handled by a worker node, the request (including the
> SYN/SYN,ACK handshake) are encapsulated in VXLAN before being sent to
> the worker and responses are decapsulate by the manager and forwarded
> back to the client.
> If a request is handled by either the manager or the 4.4 based worker,
> everything works as expected. For requests handled by the 4.9 based
> worker we see the response packet being sent to the client node by the
> manager node (tcpdump on eth0), but it never arrives at the client
> node.
> Looking at the packets in a bit more detail, we noticed that the VXLAN
> encapsulated responses from a 4.4 based worker have a zero UDP
> checksum in the outer header while the responses from the 4.9 based
> worker have a correct UDP checksum. Both packets have correct
> checksums in the inner packet.
> We instrumented the virtio_net driver and looked at the values of
> ip_summed and virtio_net flags for the last hop of the SYN,ACK from
> the manager back to the client.
> - Requests handled directly by the manager have ip_summed =
>   CHECKSUM_PARTIAL and flags
>   VIRTIO_NET_HDR_F_NEEDS_CSUM (checksum offload).
> - Requests originally originated from the 4.4 based worker
>   (where the outer UDP checksum was zero) have ip_summed =
>   (no checksum offload)
> - Requests originally originated from the 4.9 based worker
>   (where the outer UDP checksum was filled in) have ip_summed =
>   VIRTIO_NET_HDR_F_DATA_VALID. These packets get dropped
>   before they reach the client.
> The VXLAN code seems to set ip_summed to either CHECKSUM_NONE or
> CHECKSUM_UNNECESSARY depending on the presence of the UDP checksum in
> the outer header.
> As a strawman, we reverted to the old behaviour on the xmit path with:
> --- a/include/linux/virtio_net.h
> +++ b/include/linux/virtio_net.h
> @@ -91,9 +91,7 @@ static inline int virtio_net_hdr_from_skb(const
> struct sk_buff *skb,
>                                 skb_checksum_start_offset(skb));
>                 hdr->csum_offset = __cpu_to_virtio16(little_endian,
>                                 skb->csum_offset);
> -       } else if (skb->ip_summed == CHECKSUM_UNNECESSARY) {
> -               hdr->flags = VIRTIO_NET_HDR_F_DATA_VALID;
> -       } /* else everything is zero */
> +       }
>         return 0;
>  }
> and it fixes the issue.
> [1] http://docs.oasis-open.org/virtio/virtio/v1.0/cs04/virtio-v1.0-cs04.pdf

I'm inclined to agree with your patch. Could you pls re-submit
in a standard way? I'll ack.

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