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Subject: Re: [virtio] on spec clarifications

On 04/03/2018 02:11 AM, Halil Pasic wrote:
>> Halil, 
>> in the past you mentioned that you see some parts of the specification
>> as unclear.
>> Will you have the time to look into this and send patches, or even just
>> open github issues?
>> I'd like us to start looking at wrapping up the next spec version.
> There are a couple of I would have preferred done differently. Yet
> my estimate regarding the pain/gain ratio for fixing most of the things
> I dislike tells me: careful much pain and little gain. I'm a terrible
> writer, and that does not make things easier.
> I intend cook up some patches for the smaller things (the notifications
> terminology, and AFAIR there was some stuff I noticed while reviewing packed)
> this week. 

Sorry , till the end of the week did not work out. This 'available/used
buffer notification' change turned out for me surprisingly invasive and something
came up so I could not invest all the time I was intending to. But I did manage
to some hours on the spec.

I will try to send out an incomplete RFC on 'available/used buffer notification'
to get some feedback is it really what we want before going all the way.


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