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Subject: Re: [RFC PATCH net-next v6 2/4] net: Introduce generic bypass module

On 4/18/2018 1:32 PM, Jiri Pirko wrote:
You still use "active"/"backup" names which is highly misleading as
it has completely different meaning that in bond for example.
I noted that in my previous review already. Please change it.
I guess the issue is with only the 'active'  name. 'backup' should be fine as it also
matches with the BACKUP feature bit we are adding to virtio_net.
I think that "backup" is also misleading. Both "active" and "backup"
mean a *state* of slaves. This should be named differently.

With regards to alternate names for 'active', you suggested 'stolen', but i
am not too happy with it.
netvsc uses vf_netdev, are you OK with this? Or another option is 'passthru'
No. The netdev could be any netdevice. It does not have to be a "VF".
I think "stolen" is quite appropriate since it describes the modus
operandi. The bypass master steals some netdevice according to some

But I don't insist on "stolen". Just sounds right.
We are adding VIRTIO_NET_F_BACKUP as a new feature bit to enable this feature, So i think
'backup' name is consistent.
It perhaps makes sense from the view of virtio device. However, as I
described couple of times, for master/slave device the name "backup" is
highly misleading.
virtio is the backup. You are supposed to use another
(typically passthrough) device, if that fails use virtio.
It does seem appropriate to me. If you like, we can
change that to "standby".  Active I don't like either. "main"?
Sounds much better, yes.

OK. Will change backup to 'standby'.
'main' is fine, what about 'primary'?

In fact would failover be better than bypass?
Also, much better.

So do we want to change all 'bypass' references to 'failover' including
the filenames.(net/core/failover.c and include/net/failover.h)


The intent is to restrict the 'active' netdev to be a VF. If there is a way to check that
a PCI device is a VF in the guest kernel, we could restrict 'active' netdev to be a VF.

Will look for any suggestions in the next day or two. If i don't get any, i will go
with 'stolen'


+static struct net_device *bypass_master_get_bymac(u8 *mac,
+						  struct bypass_ops **ops)
+	struct bypass_master *bypass_master;
+	struct net_device *bypass_netdev;
+	spin_lock(&bypass_lock);
+	list_for_each_entry(bypass_master, &bypass_master_list, list) {
As I wrote the last time, you don't need this list, spinlock.
You can do just something like:
           for_each_net(net) {
                   for_each_netdev(net, dev) {
			if (netif_is_bypass_master(dev)) {
This function returns the upper netdev as well as the ops associated
with that netdev.
bypass_master_list is a list of 'struct bypass_master' that associates
Well, can't you have it in netdev priv?
We cannot do this for 2-netdev model as there is no bypass_netdev created.
Howcome? You have no master? I don't understand..

For 2-netdev model, the master netdev is not a new one created by the bypass module.
It is created by netvsc internally and passed via bypass_master_register()


+	/* Avoid Bonding master dev with same MAC registering as slave dev */
+	if ((dev->priv_flags & IFF_BONDING) && (dev->flags & IFF_MASTER))
Yeah, this is certainly incorrect. One thing is, you should be using the
helpers netif_is_bond_master().
But what about the rest? macsec, macvlan, team, bridge, ovs and others?

You need to do it not by blacklisting, but with whitelisting. You need
to whitelist VF devices. My port flavours patchset might help with this.
May be i can use netdev_has_lower_dev() helper to make sure that the slave
I don't see such function in the code.
It is netdev_has_any_lower_dev(). I need to export it.
Come on, you cannot use that. That would allow bonding without slaves,
but the slaves could be added later on.

What exactly you are trying to achieve by this?

I think i can remove this check.  In pre-register,
for backup device, i check that its parent matches bypass device &
for vf device, we make sure that it is a pci device.

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