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Subject: Re: [virtio] [PATCH 4/5] packed-ring: reposition drivernormative on driver notifications

On 04/20/2018 05:59 PM, Michael S. Tsirkin wrote:
On Tue, Apr 10, 2018 at 04:59:12PM +0200, Halil Pasic wrote:
My concern (regarding the whole spec) is the completeness and self
the containment of it's normative portion -- I'm not sure if either is
pursued rigorously.

No it isn't, and the reason is we do not want to bring the development
to a complete halt :). Our charter is

	Enhancing the performance of virtual devices by standardizing key
	features of the VIRTIO (Virtual I/O) Device Specification

Our job is thus to facilitate development by standardizing where it's

If we start asking people to write out a formal spec for any tiny
change before they can release code, development will stop and
performance will suffer.

And it's a balance: it should be clear what is going on,
and if people can write it rigorously without confusing
matters, it is helpful.

But we don't want something like e.g. the C or C++ language spec,
where you can read all of it and still have no idea how to use it.

I understand.

For instance take 'Supplying Buffers to The
Device' either for split or for packed. The algorithms described
there aren't constituting a normative section. Do you think these
can be inferred from the normative sections?

No but it's ok for normative sections to refer to the non-normative

Was, kind of, the point I tried to make. I've (for myself) given up on
these ideals. That's why I did not bother to think about isn't that sentence
normative section material. And I don't intend to clean up normative
vs non-normative.

Anyway, it is good to have it spelled out what is the objective of this document,
and what is not. I will continue to try to improve the specification,
in accordance to that -- and avoid hanging myself up on what is not
considered a primary objective.

Many thanks!


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