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Subject: [PATCH v24 0/2] virtio-crypto: virtio crypto device specification

This is the specification about the new virtio crypto device.

v24 -> v23
 - Some enhancements based on Halil's suggestion. [Halil]

v23 -> v22
 - rename MUX_MODE to REVISION_1 [Halil]
 - fixed-length paramenters' instead of 'header' and
   'variable-length parameters' instead of 'extra parameters' [Halil]
 - add guidance about VIRTIO_CRYPTO_FLAG_SESSION_MODE [Halil]
 - other fixes. [Longpeng]

v22 -> v21
 - fix some typos and grammar fixes [Halil, Stefan]
 - reorder names in alphabetical order [Stefan]
 - redescribe the date format [Halil]

v21 -> v20
 - rename 'queue_id' to 'reserved' [Halil]
 - redescribe the format of the structures which using 'union'
   in the previous version [Halil]

v20 -> v19
 - fix some typos and grammar fixes [Halil]
 - make queue_id reserved [Halil]
 - remove 'Steps of Operation'

v19 -> v18:
 - fix some typos and grammar fixes [Stefan, Halil]
 - describe the VIRTIO_CRYPTO_STATUS in detial. [Halil]
 - refactor and redescribe the controlq/dataq request's format
   of mux mode. [Halil]
 - other small fixes. [Halil]

v18 -> v17:
 - fix many English grammar problems suggested by Stefan, Thanks a lot!

v17 -> v16:
 - Some grammar fixes [Stefan, Halil, Michael]
 - add a section named "Supported crypto services" in order to explain bit
   numbers and valuse clearly. [Halil, Cornelia]
 - avoid word reptition [Halil]
 - rename non-session mode to stateless mode [Halil]
 - change descriptions for all elements in struct virtio_crypto_config [Halil]
 - add Halil as a reviewer in the ackonwledgement part, thanks for his work.
 - other fixes here and there.

Changes since v15:
 - use feature bits for non-session mode in order to keep compatibility with
   pre-existing code. [Halil & Michael]
 - introduce VIRTIO_CRYPTO_F_ NON_SESSION_MODE feature bit to control all other
   non-session mode feature bits.
 - fix some typos. [Stefan]
 - introduce struct virtio_crypto_op_data_req_mux to support both session
   and non-session based crypto operations and keep compatibility with
   pre-existing code.

Changes since v14:
 - drop VIRTIO_CRYPTO_S_STARTED status [Halil & Cornelia]
 - correct a sentence about dataqueue and controlq in the first paragraph. 
 - change a MAY to MUST about max_dataqueues. [Halil]
 - add non-session mode support
   a) add four features for different crypto services to identify wheather 
support session mode.
   b) rewrite some

For pervious versions of virtio crypto spec, Pls see:




For more information, please see:

Gonglei (2):
  virtio-crypto: Add virtio crypto device specification
  virtio-crypto: Add conformance clauses

 acknowledgements.tex |    4 +
 conformance.tex      |   29 +
 content.tex          |    2 +
 virtio-crypto.tex    | 1533 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 4 files changed, 1568 insertions(+)
 create mode 100644 virtio-crypto.tex


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