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Subject: Re: [virtio-dev] virtio-blk: the nature of discard_sector_alignment

On 22/02/19 10:41, Jakub Jermar wrote:
> Hi Paolo!
> On 2/22/19 10:21 AM, Paolo Bonzini wrote:
>> On 21/02/19 17:38, Jakub Jermar wrote:
>>> my device enforces the discard_sector_alignment on the request (both
>>> sector and num_sectors), but for some reason the blkdiscard command and
>>> Linux driver issue requests that do not honor this alignment.
>>> Does discard_sector_alignment represent a strict requirement that must
>>> be always honored or is it rather a hint to the driver?
>> It's a hint that misaligned requests might not result in any discard
>> happening at all.
> In that case, would the failure to discard anything be silent? In other
> words, would the request complete with VIRTIO_BLK_S_OK or rather any of

Yes, it would be silent.  The same is true for NVMe, SCSI etc.


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