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Subject: Re: [virtio-dev] Re: net_failover slave udev renaming (was Re: [RFC PATCH net-next v6 4/4] netvsc: refactor notifier/event handling code to use the bypass framework)

On Mon, Feb 25, 2019 at 05:39:12PM -0800, Stephen Hemminger wrote:
> > >>> Moreover, you were suggesting hiding the lower slave devices anyway. There was some discussion
> > >>> about moving them to a hidden network namespace so that they are not visible from the default namespace.
> > >>> I looked into this sometime back, but did not find the right kernel api to create a network namespace within
> > >>> kernel. If so, we could use this mechanism to simulate a 1-netdev model.  
> > >> Yes, that's one possible implementation (IMHO the key is to make 1-netdev
> > >> model as much transparent to a real NIC as possible, while a hidden netns is
> > >> just the vehicle). However, I recall there was resistance around this
> > >> discussion that even the concept of hiding itself is a taboo for Linux
> > >> netdev. I would like to summon potential alternatives before concluding
> > >> 1-netdev is the only solution too soon.
> > >>
> > >> Thanks,
> > >> -Siwei  
> > > Your scripts would not work at all then, right?  
> > At this point we don't claim images with such usage as SR-IOV live 
> > migrate-able. We would flag it as live migrate-able until this ethtool 
> > config issue is fully addressed and a transparent live migration 
> > solution emerges in upstream eventually.
> The hyper-v netvsc with 1-dev model uses a timeout to allow  udev to do its rename.
> I proposed a patch to key state change off of the udev rename, but that patch was
> rejected.

Of course that would mean nothing works without udev - was
that the objection? Could you help me find that discussion pls?


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