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virtio-dev message

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Subject: [PATCH] acknowledgements: add members and non-members

Add all current members as participants.
Add all participant names collected from list, jira and github.

Signed-off-by: Michael S. Tsirkin <mst@redhat.com>
 acknowledgements.tex | 70 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++------
 1 file changed, 61 insertions(+), 9 deletions(-)

diff --git a/acknowledgements.tex b/acknowledgements.tex
index 233e4a1..84b17b8 100644
--- a/acknowledgements.tex
+++ b/acknowledgements.tex
@@ -6,47 +6,99 @@ \chapter{Acknowledgements}\label{chap:Acknowledgements}
 The following individuals have participated in the creation of this specification and are gratefully acknowledged:
+Allen Chia, Oracle	\newline
 Amit Shah,	Red Hat	\newline
 Amos Kong,	Red Hat	\newline
 Anthony Liguori,	IBM	\newline
-Bruce Rogers,	Novell	\newline
+Bruce Rogers, SUSE	\newline
 Bryan Venteicher,	NetApp	\newline
+Chandra Thyamagondlu, Xilinx	\newline
+Chet Ensign, OASIS	\newline
 Cornelia Huck,	Red Hat	\newline
+Cunming, Liang, Intel	\newline
+Damjan, Marion, Cisco	\newline
 Daniel Kiper,	Oracle	\newline
+Fang Chen, Huawei	\newline
+Fang You, Huawei	\newline
 Geoff Brown,	Machine-to-Machine Intelligence (M2MI) Corporation	\newline
+Gerd Hoffmann, Red Hat	\newline
 Gershon Janssen,	Individual Member	\newline
+Grant Likely, ARM	\newline
 Halil Pasic,	IBM	\newline
 James Bottomley,	Parallels IP Holdings GmbH	\newline
+Jani Kokkonen, Huawei	\newline
+Jan Kiszka,	Siemens AG	\newline
+Jens Freimann, Red Hat	\newline
 Jian Zhou,	Huawei	\newline
+Karen Xie, Xilinx	\newline
+Kumar Sanghvi, Xilinx	\newline
 Lei Gong,	Huawei	\newline
 Luiz Capitulino,	Red Hat	\newline
+Marc-Andrà Lureau, Red Hat	\newline
+Mark Gray, Intel	\newline
 Michael S. Tsirkin,	Red Hat	\newline
+Mihai Carabas,	Oracle	\newline
+Nishank Trivedi, NetApp	\newline
 Paolo Bonzini,	Red Hat	\newline
-Pawel Moll,	ARM \newline
+Paul Mundt, Huawei	\newline
+Pawel Moll,	ARM	\newline
 Peng Long,	Huawei	\newline
-Richard Sohn,	Alcatel-Lucent \newline
+Piotr Uminski, Intel	\newline
+Qian Xum, Intel	\newline
+Richard Sohn,	Alcatel-Lucent	\newline
 Rusty Russell,	IBM	\newline
 Sasha Levin,	Oracle	\newline
 Sergey Tverdyshev,	Thales e-Security	\newline
 Stefan Hajnoczi,	Red Hat	\newline
+Sundar Mohan, Xilinx	\newline
 Tom Lyon,	Samya Systems, Inc.	\newline
+Victor Kaplansky, Red Hat	\newline
+Vijay Balakrishna,	Oracle	\newline
+Wei Wang, Intel	\newline
+Xin Zeng, Intel	\newline
 The following non-members have provided valuable feedback on this
 specification and are gratefully acknowledged:
+Aaron Conole,	Red Hat	\newline
 Andrew Thornton,  Google \newline
 Arun Subbarao,	LynuxWorks	\newline
+Baptiste Reynal,	Virtual Open Systems	\newline
 Brian Foley,  ARM \newline
+Changpeng Liu,	Intel	\newline
+Christian Pinto,	Virtual Open Systems	\newline
+Christoffer Dall,	ARM	\newline
+Christian Borntraeger,	IBM	\newline
+Daniel Marcovitch,	Mellanox	\newline
 David Alan Gilbert, Red Hat \newline
+David Hildenbrand,	Red Hat	\newline
 Fam Zheng, Red Hat	\newline
-Gerd Hoffmann, Red Hat	\newline
-Halil Pasic,	IBM	\newline
+Gil Savir,	Intel	\newline
+Gonglei (Arei),	Huawei	\newline
+Hannes Reiencke, SUSE	\newline
+Jacques Durand,	Fujutsu	\newline
 Jason Wang, Red Hat \newline
-Laura Novich, Red Hat	\newline
-Patrick Durusau,	Technical Advisory Board, OASIS	\newline
-Thomas Huth,	Red Hat	\newline
-Yan Vugenfirer, Red Hat / Daynix	\newline
+Jean-Philippe Brucker,	ARM	\newline
+Jonathan Helman,	Oracle	\newline
 Kevin Lo,	MSI	\newline
+Laura Novich, Red Hat	\newline
+Ladi Prosek,	Red Hat	\newline
+Longpeng (Mike),	Huawei	\newline
+Maxime Coquelin,	Red Hat	\newline
+Namhyung Kim,	LG	\newline
+Patrick Durusau,	Technical Advisory Board, OASIS	\newline
+Robin Cover,	Technical Advisory Board, OASIS	\newline
+Sameeh Jubran,	Red Hat / Daynix	\newline
+Sridhar Samudrala,	Intel	\newline
+Stefano Garzarella,	Red Hat	\newline
+Thomas Huth,	Red Hat	\newline
+Tiwei Bie,	Intel	\newline
+TomÃÅ GolembiovskÃ,	Red Hat	\newline
+Victor Kaplansky,	Red Hat	\newline
+Yan Vugenfirer, Red Hat / Daynix	\newline
+Will Deacon,	ARM	\newline
+Yuri Benditovich,	Red Hat / Daynix	\newline
+Zhoujian,	Huawei	\newline

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