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Subject: Re: [PATCH v19 QEMU 1/4] virtio-balloon: Implement support for page poison tracking feature

> The comment above explains the "why". Basically poisoning a page will
> dirty it. So why hint a page as free when that will drop it back into
> the guest and result in it being dirtied again. What you end up with
> is all the pages that were temporarily placed in the balloon are dirty
> after the hinting report is finished at which point you made things
> worse instead of helping to improve them.

Let me think this through. What happens on free page hinting is that

a) we tell the guest that migration starts
b) it allocates pages (alloc_pages()), sends them to us and adds them to
   a list
b) we exclude these pages on migration
c) we tell the guest that migration is over
d) the guest frees all allocated pages

The "issue" with VIRTIO_BALLOON_F_PAGE_POISON is, that in d), the guest
will fill all pages again with a pattern (or zero).

AFAIKs, it's either

1) Not performing free page hinting, migrating pages filled with a
poison value (or zero).
2) Performing free page hinting, not migrating pages filled with a
poison value (or zero), letting only the guest fill them again.

I have the feeling, that 2) is still better for migration, because we
don't migrate useless pages and let the guest reconstruct the content?
(having a poison value of zero might be debatable)

Can you tell me what I am missing? :)

>>> +        return;
>>> +    }
>>> +
>>>      if (s->free_page_report_cmd_id == UINT_MAX) {
>>>          s->free_page_report_cmd_id =
>>>                         VIRTIO_BALLOON_FREE_PAGE_REPORT_CMD_ID_MIN;
>> We should rename all "free_page_report" stuff we can to
>> "free_page_hint"/"free_page_hinting" to avoid confusion (e.g., on my
>> side :) ) before adding free page reporting .
>> (looking at the virtio-balloon linux header, it's also confusing but
>> we're stuck with that - maybe we should add better comments)
> Are we stuck? Couldn't we just convert it to an anonymous union with
> free_page_hint_cmd_id and then use that where needed?

Saw your patch already :)

>>> @@ -618,12 +627,10 @@ static size_t virtio_balloon_config_size(VirtIOBalloon *s)
>>>      if (s->qemu_4_0_config_size) {
>>>          return sizeof(struct virtio_balloon_config);
>>>      }
>>> -    if (virtio_has_feature(features, VIRTIO_BALLOON_F_PAGE_POISON)) {
>>> +    if (virtio_has_feature(features, VIRTIO_BALLOON_F_PAGE_POISON) ||
>>> +        virtio_has_feature(features, VIRTIO_BALLOON_F_FREE_PAGE_HINT)) {
>>>          return sizeof(struct virtio_balloon_config);
>>>      }
>>> -    if (virtio_has_feature(features, VIRTIO_BALLOON_F_FREE_PAGE_HINT)) {
>>> -        return offsetof(struct virtio_balloon_config, poison_val);
>>> -    }
>> I am not sure this change is completely sane. Why is that necessary at all?
> The poison_val is stored at the end of the structure and is required
> in order to make free page hinting to work. What this change is doing

Required to make it work? In the kernel,

commit 2e991629bcf55a43681aec1ee096eeb03cf81709
Author: Wei Wang <wei.w.wang@intel.com>
Date:   Mon Aug 27 09:32:19 2018 +0800

    virtio-balloon: VIRTIO_BALLOON_F_PAGE_POISON

was merged after

commit 86a559787e6f5cf662c081363f64a20cad654195
Author: Wei Wang <wei.w.wang@intel.com>
Date:   Mon Aug 27 09:32:17 2018 +0800


So I assume it's perfectly fine to not have it.

I'd say it's the responsibility of the guest to *not* use
VIRTIO_BALLOON_F_FREE_PAGE_HINT in case it is using page poisoning
without VIRTIO_BALLOON_F_PAGE_POISON. Otherwise it will shoot itself
into the foot.

> is forcing it so that we report the config size as the full size if
> either poisoning or hinting are enabled since the poison val is the
> last member of the config structure.
> If the question is why bother reducing the size if free page hinting
> is not present then I guess we could simplify this and just report
> report the size of the config for all cases.

I guess the idea is that if you migrate from one QEMU to another, your
config size will not suddenly change (fenced by a feature set that will
not change during migration, observable by a running guest).

My guess would be that we cannot simply change existing configurations
(defined via feature bits) as you do here - see e.g., qemu-4-0-config-size.


>>> @@ -706,6 +717,9 @@ static uint64_t virtio_balloon_get_features(VirtIODevice *vdev, uint64_t f,
>>>      VirtIOBalloon *dev = VIRTIO_BALLOON(vdev);
>>>      f |= dev->host_features;
>>>      virtio_add_feature(&f, VIRTIO_BALLOON_F_STATS_VQ);
>>> +    if (virtio_has_feature(f, VIRTIO_BALLOON_F_FREE_PAGE_HINT)) {
>>> +        virtio_add_feature(&f, VIRTIO_BALLOON_F_PAGE_POISON);
>>> +    }
>>>      return f;
>>>  }
>>> @@ -854,6 +868,8 @@ static void virtio_balloon_device_reset(VirtIODevice *vdev)
>>>          g_free(s->stats_vq_elem);
>>>          s->stats_vq_elem = NULL;
>>>      }
>>> +
>>> +    s->poison_val = 0;
>>>  }
>>>  static void virtio_balloon_set_status(VirtIODevice *vdev, uint8_t status)
>>> @@ -916,6 +932,8 @@ static Property virtio_balloon_properties[] = {
>>>                      VIRTIO_BALLOON_F_DEFLATE_ON_OOM, false),
>>>      DEFINE_PROP_BIT("free-page-hint", VirtIOBalloon, host_features,
>>>                      VIRTIO_BALLOON_F_FREE_PAGE_HINT, false),
>>> +    DEFINE_PROP_BIT("x-page-poison", VirtIOBalloon, host_features,
>>> +                    VIRTIO_BALLOON_F_PAGE_POISON, false),
>> Just curious, why an x- feature?
> It was something I didn't expect the users to enable. It gets enabled
> when either free page hinting or free page reporting is enabled. So if
> you look you will see that in virtio_balloon_get_features the page
> poison feature is added if free page hinting is present. The guest
> will clear the feature bit if poisoning is not enabled in the guest.
> That results in the vdev getting the bit cleared.

The weird thing is that setting it to "false" will still enable it
automatically, depending on other features. Not sure how helpful that is.

I'd prefer to simply always enable it, similar to
VIRTIO_BALLOON_F_STATS_VQ - but it's late and I am confused how
migration with compat machines will work. :)

So, I wonder if we need this feature bit here at all.


David / dhildenb

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