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Subject: Re: [PATCH v19 QEMU 1/4] virtio-balloon: Implement support for page poison tracking feature

>> We should document our result of page poisoning, free page hinting, and
>> free page reporting there as well. I hope you'll have time for the latter.
>> -------------------------------------------------------------------------
>> -------------------------------------------------------------------------
>> "The VIRTIO_BALLOON_F_PAGE_POISON feature bit is used to indicate if the
>> guest is using page poisoning. Guest writes to the poison_val config
>> field to tell host about the page poisoning value that is in use."
>> -> Very little information, no signs about what has to be done.
> I think it's an informational field. Knowing that free pages
> are full of a specific pattern can be handy for the hypervisor
> for a variety of reasons. E.g. compression/deduplication?

I was referring to the documentation of the feature and what we
(hypervisor) are expected to do (in regards to inflation/deflation).

Yes, it might be valuable to know that the guest is using poisoning. I
assume compression/deduplication (IOW KSM) will figure out themselves
that such pages are equal.

>> "Let the hypervisor know that we are expecting a specific value to be
>> written back in balloon pages."
>> -> Okay, that talks about "balloon pages", which would include right now
>> -- pages "inflated" and then "deflated" using free page hinting
>> -- pages "inflated" and then "deflated" using oridnary inflate/deflate
>>    queue
> ATM, in this case driver calls "free" and that fills page with the
> poison value.

Yes, that's what I mentioned somehwere, it's currently done by Linux and ...

> It might be a valid optimization to allow driver to skip
> poisoning of freed pages in this case.

... we should prepare for that :)

>> And I would add
>> "However, if the inflated page was not filled with "poison_val" when
>> inflating, it's not predictable if the original page or a page filled
>> with "poison_val" is returned."
>> Which would cover the "we did not discard the page in the hypervisor, so
>> the original page is still there".
>> We should also document what is expected to happen if "poison_val" is
>> suddenly changed by the guest at one point in time again. (e.g., not
>> supported, unexpected things can happen, etc.)
> Right. I think we should require that this can only be changed
> before features have been negotiated.
> That is the only point where hypervisor can still fail
> gracefully (i.e. fail FEATURES_OK).


I can totally understand if Alex would want to stop working on
VIRTIO_BALLOON_F_PAGE_POISON at this point and only fix the guest to not
enable free page reporting in case we don't have
VIRTIO_BALLOON_F_PAGE_POISON (unless that's already done), lol. :)


David / dhildenb

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