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Subject: Re: [PATCH v3 1/2] virtio-video: Add virtio video device specification

Hi Keiichi,

Thanks for the update.

> > Thanks for providing this detailed overview. But again, we have already
> > discussed this in a similar way and it does not answer the questions. Ok,
> > suppose we set bitrate to 0xffffffff as I assumed above. Then the decoder
> > code should ideally wait until metadata has been parsed, then query
> > parameters and get min buffers (using get_params). Encoder does not have
> > such logic. What values should we set for encoder to make sure that the
> > pipelines does not stall? Probably people from the Chromium team has
> > better knowledge, if they can provide some sane value it'd be just great.
> Sorry that my explanation was unclear to you.  Let me try to explain
> my idea in another way.
> The design I'm proposing can be seen as a kind of "Copy-on-Write"
> strategy. The resource creation can be deferred to the first write.
> In other words, the call of STREAM_CREATE can be delayed to the first
> place where a user makes a change to the stream, instead of open().
> The code snippet I wrote above explains a general way of achieving
> CoW. In this design, ctx2stream() will be called when modifying a
> stream.
> In the V4L2 stateful encoder API, the first place in which a user
> writes values is the first call of VIDIOC_S_FMT().
> So, we can have a virtio_video_cmd_stream_cmd() call in the callback
> for VIDIOC_S_FMT. I guess it's even better than my previous proposal
> of ctx2stream, as the driver can raise an error when a user calls
> ioctls in a wrong order.
> (I think I said that the place would be REQBUFS callback in a previous
> review comment to your patch. It was my misunderstanding. My
> apologies.)
> Does it make sense? I hope this answers your question.

I had understood the idea behind the proposal. But I didn't see a correct way 
to implement that. But now it looks different of course. The decoder should 
also be fine if we create a stream on S_FMT.

Best regards,

> Best regards,
> Keiichi

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