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Subject: Re: [PATCH v4 0/3] Support virtio cross-device resources

On Tue, May 26, 2020 at 07:58:08PM +0900, David Stevens wrote:
> This patchset implements the current proposal for virtio cross-device
> resource sharing [1]. It will be used to import virtio resources into
> the virtio-video driver currently under discussion [2]. The patch
> under consideration to add support in the virtio-video driver is [3].
> It uses the APIs from v3 of this series, but the changes to update it
> are relatively minor.
> This patchset adds a new flavor of dma-bufs that supports querying the
> underlying virtio object UUID, as well as adding support for exporting
> resources from virtgpu.
> [1] https://markmail.org/thread/2ypjt5cfeu3m6lxu
> [2] https://markmail.org/thread/p5d3k566srtdtute
> [3] https://markmail.org/thread/j4xlqaaim266qpks
> v3 -> v4 changes:
>  - Replace dma-buf hooks with virtio dma-buf from v1.
>  - Remove virtio_attach callback, as the work that had been done
>    in that callback is now done on dma-buf export. The documented
>    requirement that get_uuid only be called on attached virtio
>    dma-bufs is also removed.
>  - Rebase and add call to virtio_gpu_notify for ASSIGN_UUID.
> David Stevens (3):
>   virtio: add dma-buf support for exported objects
>   virtio-gpu: add VIRTIO_GPU_F_RESOURCE_UUID feature
>   drm/virtio: Support virtgpu exported resources

Looks all sane to me.  mst, have you looked at the virtio core changes?
How we are going to merge this?  If you ack I can merge via
drm-misc-next.  Merging through virtio queue would be fine too.


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