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Subject: Re: [PATCH RFC v4 00/13] virtio-mem: paravirtualized memory

On 05.06.20 12:46, Alex Shi wrote:
> å 2020/6/5 äå6:05, David Hildenbrand åé:
>>> I guess I know what's happening here. In case we only have DMA memory
>>> when booting, we don't reserve swiotlb buffers. Once we hotplug memory
>>> and online ZONE_NORMAL, we don't have any swiotlb DMA bounce buffers to
>>> map such PFNs (total 0 (slots), used 0 (slots)).
>>> Can you try with "swiotlb=force" on the kernel cmdline?
>> Alternative, looks like you can specify "-m 2G,maxmem=16G,slots=1", to
>> create proper ACPI tables that indicate hotpluggable memory. (I'll have
>> to look into QEMU to figure out to always indicate hotpluggable memory
>> that way).
> That works too. Yes, better resolved in qemu, maybe. :)

You can checkout

git@github.com:davidhildenbrand/qemu.git virtio-mem-v4

(prone to change before officially sent), which will create srat tables
also if no "slots" parameter was defined (and no -numa config was

Your original example should work with that.


David / dhildenb

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