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Subject: Re: [PATCH v1] virtio-mem: add memory via add_memory_driver_managed()

>> I'd like to have this patch in 5.8, with the initial merge of virtio-mem
>> if possible (so the user space representation of virtio-mem added memory
>> resources won't change anymore).
> So my plan is to rebase on top of -rc1 and merge this for rc2 then.
> I don't like rebase on top of tip as the results are sometimes kind of
> random.

Right, I just wanted to get this out early so we can discuss how to proceed.

> And let's add a Fixes: tag as well, this way people will remember to
> pick this.
> Makes sense?

Yes, it's somehow a fix (for kexec). So

Fixes: 5f1f79bbc9e26 ("virtio-mem: Paravirtualized memory hotplug")

I can respin after -rc1 with the commit id fixed as noted by Pankaj.
Just let me know what you prefer.



David / dhildenb

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