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Subject: Re: [PATCH v25 QEMU 3/3] virtio-balloon: Replace free page hinting references to 'report' with 'hint'

>> 2. Unclear semantics. Alex tried to document what the actual semantics
>> of hinted pages are. Assume the following in the guest to a previously
>> hinted page
>> /* page was hinted and is reused now */
>> if (page[x] != Y)
>>        page[x] == Y;
>> /* migration ends, we now run on the destination */
>> BUG_ON(page[x] != Y);
>> /* BUG, because the content chan
>> A guest can observe that. And that could be a random driver that just
>> allocated a page.
>> (I *assume* in Linux we might catch that using kasan, but I am not 100%
>> sure, also, the actual semantics to document are unclear - e.g., for
>> other guests)
>> As Alex mentioned, it is not even guaranteed in QEMU that we receive a
>> zero page on the destination, it could also be something else (e.g.,
>> previously migrated values).
> So this is only an issue for pages that are pushed out of the balloon
> as a part of the shrinker process though. So fixing it would be pretty
> straightforward as we would just have to initialize or at least dirty
> pages that are leaked as a part of the shrinker. That may have an
> impact on performance though as it would result in us dirtying pages
> that are freed as a result of the shrinker being triggered.

It really depends on the desired semantics, which are unclear because there is no doc/spec. Either QEMU is buggy or the kernel is buggy.

>> 3. If I am not wrong, the iothread works in
>> virtio_ballloon_get_free_page_hints() on the virtqueue only with holding
>> the free_page_lock (no BQL).
>> Assume we're migrating, the iothread is active, and the guest triggers a
>> device reset.
>> virtio_balloon_device_reset() will trigger a
>> virtio_balloon_free_page_stop(s). That won't actually wait for the
>> iothread to stop, it will only temporarily lock free_page_lock and
>> update s->free_page_report_status.
>> I think there can be a race between the device reset and the iothread.
>> Once virtio_balloon_free_page_stop() returned,
>> virtio_ballloon_get_free_page_hints() can still call
>> - virtio_queue_set_notification(vq, 0);
>> - virtio_queue_set_notification(vq, 1);
>> - virtio_notify(vdev, vq);
>> - virtqueue_pop()
>> I doubt this is very nice.
> And our conversation had me start looking though reference to
> virtio_balloon_free_page_stop. It looks like we call it for when we
> unrealize the device or reset the device. It might make more sense for
> us to look at pushing the status to DONE and forcing the iothread to
> be flushed out.
>> There are other concerns I had regarding the iothread (e.g., while
>> reporting is active, virtio_ballloon_get_free_page_hints() is
>> essentially a busy loop, in contrast to documented -
>> continue_to_get_hints will always be true).
>>> The appeal of hinting is that it's 0 overhead outside migration,
>>> and pains were taken to avoid keeping pages locked while
>>> hypervisor is busy.
>>> If we are to drop hinting completely we need to show that reporting
>>> can be comparable, and we'll probably want to add a mode for
>>> reporting that behaves somewhat similarly.
>> Depends on the actual users. If we're dropping a feature that nobody is
>> actively using, I don't think we have to show anything.
>> This feature obviously saw no proper review.
> I'm pretty sure it had some, as it went through several iterations as
> I recall. However I don't think the review of the virtio interface was
> very detailed as I think most of the attention was on the kernel
> interface.

Yes, thatâs what I meant. The kernel side and the migration code (QEMU) got a lot of attention.

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