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Subject: Re: [virtio-dev] [PATCH] Add virtio parameter server device specification

On 02.06.21 22:09, Hao Chen wrote:

We can use any protocol to implement this, and publish it somewhere, but it
does not carry the same weight as putting it in the virtio spec. It is
easier to say
"we use virtio, and for this device we use virtio-xxx device", but it
would be weird to
say "we use virtio, but for this device, we use vsock+some other non-standard
protocol, please support this or you will break the compatibility".

Why not directly putting 9P links into virtio devices ?

In both cases we still have the problem knowing the actual meaning of
the individual parameters. Not so different from some raw IO space
(just a bit easier to parse).

I believe we need some layer above for describing the actual meanings.


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