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Subject: Re: [PATCH v2] virtio-pmem: PMEM device spec

On Tue, Aug 17 2021, Pankaj Gupta <pankaj.gupta.linux@gmail.com> wrote:

>> > +\drivernormative{\subsubsection}{Driver Initialization: Virtio flush}{Device Types / PMEM Driver / Driver Initialization / Virtio flush}
>> > +
>> > +The driver MUST implement a virtio based flushing interface.
>> I think this can be dropped. The only way to make writes persistent is
>> by sending flush requests. There is no need to say that the driver has
>> to use this interface. It doesn't really have to, but then it won't be
>> able to guarantee persistence.
> I am not 100 percent sure on this.

I don't think we want this in a normative section, but maybe there's a
place for it in a section that describes the general operation?

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