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Subject: Re: [virtio-dev] RE: [PATCH v2] Add device reset timeout field

On Thu, Oct 28, 2021 at 04:01:52AM +0000, Parav Pandit wrote:
> >   how it looks like, whether there is a timeout is
> >   a separate question.
> > E.g. a read counter sounds
> >   more generic, if device is stuck it can just stop
> >   incrementing it.
> This is not scalable solution for hundreds of devices and it breaks the layering too.
> A virtio layer itself is not in up_state to perform counter update.
> A non virtio layer is expected to implement this counter. This is not right.

Donnu what does the above mean. My point is simple: there's little
difference between device being stuck during firmware boot and
device being stuck right after boot.

> But this timer is not useful for publishing device readiness. Having device readiness register is enough to indicate that.
> For health monitoring such counting register is useful. But its out of scope to address this problem.
> So will skip this.
> I will explore the device readiness register and update the proposal.
> Thanks.

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