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virtio message

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Subject: Re: [virtio] Your virtio-dev@ mailing list is ready

"Our problem is that there are implementors of the legacy spec who have
useful comments to add, even at this early stage.  Some we've simply
roped into the TC, but some useful feedback will come via the -dev list
(and the -comment list once we have released a draft)."

Yep, I completely understand your situation. So, just to be clear on the roles: 

virtio-comment@ is your input for comments and feedback. People can use it anytime - whether or not you have something in public review. The key thing about it is that it is covered under the IPR mode for the committee so anything sent via the mailing list is treated as a contribution. I think that is also why the Board has restricted it to incoming comments only. 

virtio@ is your primary mailing list for intra-TC communications. 

virtio-dev@ is for those ongoing outside conversations between people in the TC and people out. It is intended to help you help people trying to implement the spec or understand it. Take a look at https://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/ubl-dev/ for an example of one that it really active . I would be careful here though as I'm less clear about the IPR implications. The safest route if someone actually wants to send in a suggestion is probably to have it come in via -comment@ and then, if you want to discuss, move it over to -dev@. 

Sorry if it seems a bit confusing but once you have it working, I don't expect you'll have any trouble with it at all. 


On Wed, Sep 4, 2013 at 9:46 PM, Rusty Russell <rusty@au1.ibm.com> wrote:
Chet Ensign <chet.ensign@oasis-open.org> writes:
> Hi Michael,
> The Chair and I believe the Secretary have the access to edit the group
> notes that appear on both the TC's internal web page and the public home
> page. Please see the attached virtio-webpage.jpg and virtio-webpage-2.jpg.
> When you click the edit link, it opens the window shown in the 2nd jpg. It
> is raw HTML so it is probably easiest to copy & paste it to a separate
> editor, tweak it there, then paste it back in. It is set up using a
> template with the sections commented as you'll see and if you have any
> questions on the sections, Robin Cover (cc'ed on this message) can answer
> them for you.
> You can change the tag line as I call it there as well.

Done, thanks.

> Regarding the -dev@ mailing list, please note that this is for discussions
> with adopters and implementers *outside* the TC. It is the way to keep
> discussions off the -comment@ mailing list which is intended for input
> only.
> Per the rules of the OASIS TC Process, the TC's internal discussions must
> happen on the TC's main mailing list. Section 2.8 TC Visibility states:
> The minutes of each TC meeting and a record of all decisions shall be
> posted to that TC's general email list. *All official communications and
> discussions of the TC *must take place on the email list. All TC email
> lists shall be archived for the duration of the corporation, and all TC
> email archives shall be publicly visible.
> So please keep your in-TC discussions on your main mailing list. That is
> where the rest of the world will expect to find it. Should someone from
> outside the TC open a conversation on the -comment@ mailing list, move that
> over to -dev@ and of course use -dev@ directly for out-of-TC conversations
> as well.

Thanks for the clarification, Chet.

Our problem is that there are implementors of the legacy spec who have
useful comments to add, even at this early stage.  Some we've simply
roped into the TC, but some useful feedback will come via the -dev list
(and the -comment list once we have released a draft).

The line between official TC communications and useful feedback may
blur, but any proposals for changes will come via JIRA anyway.  We'll
try to keep the discussions on virtio- unless the conversation involves
others, in which case let's keep both virtio- and virtio-dev- CC'd.


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