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Subject: Re: [virtio] csd01 and csprd01

Chet Ensign <chet.ensign@oasis-open.org> writes:
> Michael, Rusty, Cornelia, Pawel -
> Thanks for putting this together so that we could give you feedback.
> Overall it looks excellent and these are mainly minor changes. The first
> ones in the content should be made before you approve the working draft.
> Then the second and third sections spell out updates to make to create the
> Committee Specification Draft and the Committee Specification Public Review
> Draft versions of the spec.
> 1) In the content itself:
>   -- In Appendix A. Acknowledgements, add the TC members. The section must
> be populated before the TC approves the WD.

Done, thanks.

>   -- If you have no Non-Normative References then remove the empty section
> 1.3.

Done, thanks.

>   -- Any place in the content that you link to urls on docs.oasis-open.org/...
> you will need to update them with the same changes as specified below. So,
> for example, section 7 virtio_ring.h includes a link to
> http://docs.oasis-open.org/virtio/virtio/1.0/wd01/listings/virtio_ring.h.
> You will want to change that to
> http://docs.oasis-open.org/virtio/virtio/v1.0/csd01/listings/virtio_ring.h.
> for the Committee Spec Draft copy and
> http://docs.oasis-open.org/virtio/virtio/v1.0/csprd01/listings/virtio_ring.h.
> for the Committee Spec Draft / Public Review Draft version.

OK, did that in shell.

>   -- We recommend numbering footnotes sequentially from start to finish to
> avoid problems with the HTML footnotes.


>      Also, we note that in the HTML version supplied, there were not foot
> notes, even though they appear in the PDF version.

They're in separate files, which mistakenly weren't included in the zip.

>   -- In the HTML document, the cover page links should be the same as the
> PDF. The current review draft has different Specification URIs on the cover
> page than does the PDF -- and the PDF ones are in the correct form.

This seems to be fixed by the URL fix above.

>   -- If possible, in the PDF, align the left margins. That is, align "This
> version:" etc. with "Specification URIs". Not aligned now.

Hmm, OK for some reason that was indented 0.4 inches: changing that to 0
seems to have worked.

>   -- In the HTML, the rule (horizontal line) is not present above the
> Appendix section titles. Please add that.

Hmm, that I can't figure out.  I'll leave it to MST :)

> 2) After the TC votes to approve the WD as a CSD:
>   -- Change "Working Draft" to "Committee Specification Draft 01"
>   -- Change the date "05 Nov 2013" to the date the TC voted to approve and
> spell out the full month. E.g. "03 December 2013"

OK, that I've done already.

>   -- In the URIs change "wd01" to "csd01". Also, change "/1.0/" to
> "/v1.0/". Don't miss changing it in the link as well as in the visible
> text. So, for example, "
> http://docs.oasis-open.org/virtio/virtio/1.0/wd01/virtio-v1.0-wd01.pdf(Authoritative)"
> gets changed to "
> http://docs.oasis-open.org/virtio/virtio/v1.0/csd01/virtio-v1.0-csd01.pdf(Authoritative)".

OK, fixed the 1.0 to v1.0 in both versions.

>   -- Also make these URI updates to the links under "Additional artifacts"
> and "Citation format".

The first one is done, the latter was malformed.  Fixed.

>   -- Under "Additional artifacts", change the word "which" to "that".

Thanks, done.

>   -- In the footer, also change the date from "05 Nov" to the approval date
> with the month fully spelled out.


>   -- Under "Status", the first sentence should change from "… or approved
> by the members of OASIS…" to "… or approved by the Virtual I/O Device


>   -- Under "Citation format", the date should change to the approval date,
> e.g. "03 December 2013." "OASIS Standard" should change to "OASIS Committee
> Specification Draft 01." and the link should be changed from "wd01" to
> "csd01."


> 3) To create the public review version from the  CSD:
>   -- Add a "/" after "Committee Specification Draft 01" then a soft return
> and then, aligned under "Committee Spec…" put "Public Review Draft 01". For
> an example, see
> http://docs.oasis-open.org/pkcs11/pkcs11-curr/v2.40/csprd01/pkcs11-curr-v2.40-csprd01.html
>   -- If the TC approves the public review at a different meeting than the
> approval of the Committee Specification, then change the approval date to
> that date.
>   -- In all the URIs, change "csd01" to "csprd01".
>   -- On the footer on the PDF, change the "csd01" in the filename to
> "csprd01"
>   -- In the Citation format, change "Committee Specification Draft 01" to
> "Committee Specification Draft 01 / Public Review Draft 01".

OK, these should all be correct now.


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