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virtio message

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Subject: [virtio] csd01 and csprd01 - v2

OK rusty and me addressed these comments, except two items:

> Paul Knight wrote:
>     >   -- Add a "/" after "Committee Specification Draft 01" then a soft
>     return and
>     > then, aligned under "Committee Spec…" put "Public Review Draft 01". For
>     an
>     > example, see
>     > http://docs.oasis-open.org/pkcs11/pkcs11-curr/v2.40/csprd01/pkcs11-curr-v2.40-csprd01.html

In this example, there's no break after "/" and neither is there
in the CMIS specification. I decided we should go by these examples so no
break here either - it looks prettier.

> Chet Ensign wrote:
>    >   -- If possible, in the PDF, align the left margins. That
>    > is, align
>    "This
>    > version:" etc. with "Specification URIs". Not aligned now. 
>    >

I could not figure how to fixing this one out yet.  As this is
cosmetic and does not affect page numbering etc, I think we can
if necessary fix it after we vote, but pls note it appears like
this in e.g. CMIS.


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Attachment: virtio-v1.0-csd01.zip
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