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virtio message

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Subject: Touch-ups needed for the virtio csd01 and csprd01 file "front matter"

Hi Rusty and all,

I've just taken a good look at the virtio files for publication, and they will need a few additional modifications to the front pages. 

Although the TC Process does not allow changes to the document content after approval, the front pages (down through the table of contents) may be modified without any need for the TC to re-approve anything.

I'm attaching a ZIP file containing examples of the front pages for both the Committee Specification Draft 01 (csd01) and the Public Review Draft 01 (csprd01) EXACTLY as they should appear, and I'll list the needed changes below.

We should be ready to publish the files and begin the Public Review quickly after we receive the updated files. They should be sent to me and Chet.

Changes needed to the csd01 files:
- Subtitle needs to include the csd number "01", so it will be Committee Specification Draft 01
- Citation format needs to include the csd number "01", and also the word "OASIS" before - so it will be OASIS Committee Specification Draft 01.
- It also needs a period after the "01", and also at the end, after the URI.
Please see the attached example, and follow it exactly.

Changes needed to the csprd01 files:
- Subtitle needs to be:  (on two lines)
Committee Specification Draft 01 /
Public Review Draft 01
- Date needs to be 03 December 2013 - in three places - subtitle, citation format, and footers (it now says 04 December)
- Citation format needs to show "OASIS Committee Specification Draft 01 / Public Review Draft 01".  It also needs a period after the (second) "01", and also at the end, after the URI.
Again, please see the attached examples.

Finally, there is an issue which I don't think we can address for csd01/csprd01 (without re-approval by the TC), but which I very much hope can be addressed in future publications:
- The 18 footnotes each appear as individual HTML files, leading to a terrible clutter in the publication directory. We'd like to see if they can either be included in the main HTML file (typically at the end of the file) or if this can't be arranged, then in a "footnotes" subdirectory.

Although Chet is on vacation now, I'll also check with him to see if we (TC Administration) can apply the "subdirectory" fix to these files during publication.  It may qualify as an allowable style modification.

Best regards,
Paul Knight  - Tel: +1 781-861-1013
OASIS - Advancing open standards for the information society
Document Process Analyst

Attachment: virtio-v1.0-new-front-pages.zip
Description: Zip archive

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