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Subject: A message from TAB Candidate Bill Cox

OASIS Organizational Voters:

The following is a message from TAB Candidate Bill Cox:


I'm running for re-election to the OASIS Technical Advisory Board, and I
would appreciate your vote.

When I was first elected two years ago, the TAB was largely moribund. The
group of four newly-elected members decided that reinvigorating the TAB was
the first order of business.

Over the past two years the TAB started the OASIS Symposium series (2004 and
2005; 2006 is being planned), and under my subcommittee's leadership,
working with the entire TAB, recommended numerous process and procedure
improvements, required a minimum set of formats for OASIS Standards (PDF and
[X]HTML), produced document template requirements, FAQ templates, and is
producing requirements for metadata and persistent URLs for OASIS artifacts.
(The latter should be in member review in the next few weeks.)

It is a measure of the value and visibility of the TAB's work that there are
two candidates per open position in this election.

If re-elected, I will focus on continuing to improve the technical
collaboration and communication across OASIS via wikis, annotated technical
bibliographies, distributed BOFs, the Symposium, and clearer communication
of work in process in the TCs. My candidate profile is at
http://www.oasis-open.org/private/elections/2005tab/cox.php . Take a look at
the other fine candidates as well.

I request that you vote for me as one of your four TAB votes (at
http://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/voting/ballot.php?id=778 )
before the ballot closes 24 June at 2345 U.S. EDT.

Please contact me at wtcox - comcast.net or +1 862 485 3696 if you'd like to
discuss what the TAB should be working on in the coming year.

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