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Subject: Message from BoD candidate Razmik Abnous

OASIS Voters,

Following is a message from Board of Directors candidate  Razmik Abnous.



Dear OASIS Voters, 

EMC/Documentum has had a long involvement with OASIS and I am delighted to
see OASIS's growth over the years and its emergence as the premier XML and
Web services e-business standards organization.  I am sending this email to
ask for your vote of support. Please let me know if you have any questions
for me. 

I have included my background and reason for why I will be a good candidate
on OASIS Board of Directors. Again, I appreciate your support.

Razmik  Abnous, As VP of Technology and Chief Architect at EMC/Documentum, I
understand the crucial role that standards play in our industry and in
adoption of emerging technologies. I have overall responsibility for
standards at EMC Documentum. Much of my time is spent meeting with our
customers and technology partners across industries, understanding their
business and technical requirements. From this I am keenly aware of the
unanimous desire for "useful" and "adopted"

standards due to lower costs and mitigated technology risk and vendor
lock-in. While OASIS has undoubtedly experienced significant growth and
maturity in the last few years, there remain many challenges for e-business
standardization and adoption. Some of the biggest barriers I continue to see

*       Proliferation of standards -often competing - that are confusing to

*       Complete absence of standardization in some technology areas 

*       Slowness of adoption of standards, often due to lack of awareness
and education. 

If I am elected to the Board of OASIS, I will do my utmost to 

*       work on ways to support the convergence of standards, 

*       help identify and initiate standardization in both horizontal 
and vertical areas that are currently lacking standardization, 

*       help promote awareness and adoption of existing OASIS standards, 

*       encourage more participation by technology consumers to ensure 
that the standards that are developed are "useful" to the industry at large.


Razmik Abnous is one of the original designers of the Documentum platform
architecture. He currently leads the Documentum Architecture Group, ensuring
the integrity of the company's architecture across product business units,
driving advanced development, providing architectural leadership to
strategic customers and partners, and leading Documentum's industry
standards efforts.

Razmik joined the company in 1991 as an architect for the Documentum server.
He also served as co-architect of the Documentum 4i eBusiness platform and
was responsible for implementing major functionality areas, such as initial
workflow engine, virtual document manager, security model and relationship
management. He most recently led the architecture of Documentum 5, the
latest version of Documentum's award-winning enterprise content management

Razmik has more than 20 years of experience in leading and architecting
software products. Prior to Documentum, he worked at Digital Equipment
Corporation and Ashton-Tate on object-relational databases, artificial
intelligence, image-processing systems and silicon compilers.

Razmik is the co-author of two books: Intelligent Offices and Object
Orientation, both published by John Wiley. 

Razmik received a BS and MSEE in Applied Math and Computer Science from the
University of Louisville. 

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